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Marthoman Vidyapeedom Description

Marthoman Vidyapeedom, an unaided Christian Minority CBSE school established in 2007 under the aegis of St. Mary’s Orthodox Church Educational & Charitable Society, Niranam, Kerala has been dedicated in the blessed memory of St.Thomas.St Mary’s Orthodox Valiyapally is one of the ancient churches in the Christendom & was founded in 54 AD. The church which runs educational institutions in Niranam village imparts knowledge to the students.

Niranam is a very ancient trade centre in South India having trade relations with different parts of the world from time immemorial.The Marthoman Vidyapeedom is a co-educational institution which follows the CBSE curriculum.

Our Philosophy

Educating a mind is leading the mind to the path of enlightenment where the mind can sort the difference between the realities and the truth that surrounds the individual’s mind.

Our Management

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am alone, and feel the charm of existence.

Key of Success

There are 3 keys to success according to us- prayers, determination & constant hard work. With these 3 steps, anyone can be successful.

Sr.Principal Says

Mrs Sreelekha Nair C (MA,BEd, SET)

Principal – Marthoman Vidyapeedom

‘Knock humbly on the doors of success with hope until it opens with showers of results’

A person who was nominated as the Best Teacher in the state level, Mrs Sreelekha Nair C still keeps on smiling humbly. Leaving the position of UGC level Assistant Professor away, Mrs Sreelekha Nair C took the wheel of Marthoman Vidyapeedom with the vision of educating young minds. According to him, education is not about studying what a syllabus suggests. Instead, it is overall development. Taking this into play, he took Marthoman Vidyapeedom to state-level recognition in Academic as well as Non- Academics like sports and games.

Our Vision

  1. To bring out the inborn talents and skills of students through academics & co-curricular activities
  2. To develop the qualities of self discipline & self respect
  3. To instil and develop leadership qualities
  4. To create an emotional bond
  5. To prepare the students to face the challenges of life with confidence & strength
  6. To create good human beings with compassion, love and care
  7. To develop the overall personality of students

Our Mission

Being a minority institution, the school’s mission is to provide best education to the children especially to the poor and lower income group of the society irrespective of caste or creed with a holistic approach in a conducive atmosphere. The school believes that literacy drifts darkness. We aim to lighten up the lives of many and remove darkness with the education provided to them. True education helps the individual to make courageous choices and fight against odds to accomplish the desired aim. After completing the school education, children should able to discern rights from wrong

School Management

Everything that the school has achieved for the past decade is due to the dedication of staff and the entire management. Every function in a school- big or small has critical importance in the overall well being of the school which our humble team had helped throughout.

Official Documents

Scciety Members

Member NameF/S NameDesignationOccupationAddressResidential AdressPh.OfficeMob.No
Fr.Varghese MathewM.K.MathewPresidentParish PriestSt.Mary’s Orthodox Church, NiranamManalel Madathil Kadapra Mannar PO Niranam 9847754952
Fr.Anu GeorgeReena Mathew GeorgeVice-PresidentAsst.VicarSt.Mary’s Orthodox Church, NiranamVadakke Mundakathil Kadapra Mannar PO Niranam 9048293234
M.V.AbrahamGracy AbrahamTrusteeBusinessSt.Mary’s Orthodox Church, NiranamPulimpallil House Niranam PO Thiruvalla,689621 9447166866
Mathew.K.BJessy MathewCommitte MemberTeacherSecretary St.Mary’s Orthodox Church, Niranam NiranamKaniyankandathil Niranam 9744684232
John MathewMariamma JohnAdministrator/ ManagerManagerMarthoman VidyapeedomVengazhiyil House Niranam PO Thiruvalla, 689621 8281152642
Chacko AbrahamAleyamma ChackoSecretaryFarmer Vadakepurathu House Niranam North PO Thiruvalla, 689621 9847564218
Alex John PuthoopallilSheena MathewVice-PresidentPanchayat MemberNiranam PanchayatPuthooppallil Cottage Niranam PO Thiruvalla 9495537675
P.M.MathewRachel MathewCommitte MemberFarmer Nedumparampil Niranam PO Thiruvalla, 689621 9496626954
Issac.V.MathewMerin IssacCommitte MemberFarmer Valliathu House Niranam PO Thiruvalla, 689621 9447564073
George VargheseAleyamma GeorgeCommitte MemberFarmer Chalakattil House Niranam PO Thiruvalla, 689621 9562746927
Geevarghese. K.GTheresiamma GeevargheseCommitte MemberFarmer Kadampattuseril Niranam Central PO Thiruvalla, 689621 9447504877
C.MathewMathewCommitte Member  Idikkinethu Kandathil Valanjavattom PO 9744054594
Philipose.K.VMoly PhilipCommitte MemberAccountant Kizhakkemaliyil Kadapra Niranam 9495193459
Thomas.V. ZachariahCelin ThomasCommitte MemberFarmer Vengazhiyil Paruthickal Kadapra Mannar PO Niranam 9744054594
Varghese.T.CJessy VargheseCommitte MemberFarmer Thoompunkal House Valanjavattom PO 9947118887
Regi MathewReena ThomasCommitte MemberFarmer Koottamballil 0469 2713119
Jiju AbrahamBindhu JijuCommitte MemberJournalist Vaikkathusseril Kadapra Mannar 9400154888
K. V. VargheseMariamma VargheseCommitte MemberEngineer Kottappallil Niranam P. O. 9847641658
Varghese.JohnJolly VargheseCommitte MemberContractor Mallisseril Niranam P. O. 8289938792
Shinoj V. VargheseLiya AliasCommitte MemberEngineer Kavadaparambil Valanjavattom 9497616742
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