Marthoman Vidyapeedom



Marthoman Vidyapeedom School in Niranam stays a few kilometres away from the Main Thiruvalla-Kayamkulam highway road. This makes busy traffic and sound of honking cars to not disturb our children in their studies as we lie in peaceful premises. Mathoman Vidyapeedom School lies as a three-storey building with each class having a standard size of 6 feet by 6 feet. The dominant colour that lies on the outer walls of the school is a pink colour reflecting the meaning of universal love. The school is spread in an area of 139.75 acres having individual classrooms for standards lower kindergarten to the eighth standard. There are smart classes, laboratories, library, recreational classes, sports ground and computer centre within this area which are accessible to our students easily.


Where there is reading, there is growth. This is the principle with which our library functions. We have a spacious library to boost the reading habit in our children. The library is arranged with books of famous authors in an orderly manner based on the genres (fictional and non-fictional) which all students would love to read. What we aim with our library is not only in knowledge which they would need for their subjects in the curriculum instead there must also be books that shape their character and moral conduct. The library is accessible to students during school hours. Each student who enters the library can select the book which they wish to read and settle on a table to read alone. They also have provision to take books to home and spend their free hours at home reading.

Sports & Activities

Education is a system that involves gaining as much as of knowledge possible. One such knowledge is to have a recreational activity that is productive as well as healthy is sports. There is a saying- “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. The context applies to all our students. This is their age where they would prefer more to play. We manage this in our curriculum. Sports and Activities uprise students’ sportsman spirit, sharpens teambuilding and improves endurance. Along with that, it helps students to increase concentration and patience for their regular study. We conduct Annual Sports Fest where each student gets an opportunity to enter sports, get trained and perform. This performance can take them to inter-school and inter-district

Smart Class

Learning by experience lasts longer than learning through books and theories. The curriculum we have as the knowledge that is around us is either in nature or in objects and people. To understand them by experience is what practical learning is. Practical learning instils the smartness and creativity of young fresh minds. Marthoman Vidyapeedom School in Niranam does this through Smart Classes. The concepts of Mathematics and Science can only stay with a person through practical learning. Our faculty helps to build these concepts, make classes and teaching fun to all our students. Virtual Reality classes, Workshops and other classroom group activities fuel it. 3D learning helps students to view the picture in front of them putting them in that atmosphere.


For a much more deeper level of scientific analysis and to demonstrate the physical and the chemical changes in front of each students’ eyes, Marthoman Vidyapeedom School in Niranam has facilitated the use of laboratories for Science, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics. These laboratories are in close relation to the assigned syllabus of each class making sure that their learning is complete in each way. Students once received enough guidance from a teacher can use the equipment provided in the laboratory but only under the vigilance of an assigned teacher or lab assistant. Also, we do not compromise on any safety procedures if not done can harm students and the in beings and devices inside the laboratory.

Building Sketch

Our building sketch is designed and prepared in a way that the overall building is friendly for future constructions and additions of rooms. In a total of 1 Hectare, 35 Are 75 square metre, the school is spread with 3-storey- the ground floor, first floor and the second floor. Stairs are given connecting from Ground Floor to the Second floor on 4 places of the building. Marthoman Vidyapeedom School is located in the Pathanamthitta district, in Thriuvalla Taluk and Niranam Panchayath. Each Class has a room dimension of 6 by 6 cms. The Verandah is around 2 metres wide. At present two bathrooms are provided with 32 Urinals for boys and 26 for girls. Ths school lies in an elevation scale of 1:100 with base grounded firmly under the earth. As any CBSE school, our school is complete with facilities for the modern kind of education where practical learning is given importance.

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